As of August 15, 2018, some of the terms of the Cardholder Agreement associated with your Metabank ETA Visa Card (“Card”) will be changing. The MetaBank ETA Visa Card program name will be changed to ReadyCARD Visa Card. A new ReadyCARD Visa Card will be mailed to the address assoicated with this card at no charge in connection with the changes being made. It is important that you contact Customer Service at 1-866-331-8745 or e-mail if you do not want a replacement card to be sent to you, or if you need to change your mailing address.

This notice contains a description of the terms that are changing and how your Card will be affected. Any terms not mentioned below will remain unchanged or do not impact your rights under the Cardholder Agreement. Please read the notice below. The following changes will be made to the Cardholder Agreement for your Card:

Fee Type Current Amount New Amount
Card Replacement Fee $2.95 $4.95
Foreign Transaction Decline Fee No Charge $0.25
Card-to-Card Transfer Fee No Charge $1.00
Over-the-Counter Withdrawal Fee US No Charge $5.95
Third Party Load or Reload N/A Varies
Bank ACH Transfer N/A $1.00
Over-the-Counter Withdrawal Fee Intl N/A $5.95 + 1.5% of transaction amount
Foreign Transaction Fee 1.5% of transaction amount $0.25 + 1.5% of transaction amount

Should you choose not to accept the changes as described above, you will need to contact customer service at: 1-866-331-8745 or e-mail If you reject these changes, your Card will be closed, and you will receive a refund of the funds remaining in your Card account via check at no charge. Please allow 30 days to process the refund minus any trailing activity and applicable fees.

We appreciate your loyalty and your confidence in us and want to reassure you that we are here to serve your financial needs. Should you have any questions or concerns about the changes addressed above, please feel free to call 1-866-331-8745 or e-mail